Thursday, 12 June 2014

Last Minute Father's Day Gift and Card Ideas

Gift ideas from Asda

You can pop into your local Asda store and easily pick up something for dad this Father's Day.  You'll find gifts at pocket money prices to top of the range high tech gifts, so there is something for every budget. Perhaps dad would like a bottle of whisky or maybe you could buy the ingredients to cook him breakfast in bed?   Maybe socks, pants, T-shirts and PJ's would fit the bill or how about a box of chocolates. CDs, DVDs and games make great gift ideas.There is so much choice.

The Mr.Men merchandise from George is a fun gift idea for dads. Dads will love feeling like the Mr Strong of the family.


Or how about this Star Wars notebook and light sabre pens for the Star Wars loving dad in your life? Maybe Luke Skywalker could get this for Darth Vader, who after all is his father!


The Dog's Doodahs Cards

There is still time to order a card for your dad from The Dog's Doodahs.  Orders made before 2pm are posted the same day by first class post.  There is a range of cards from the sentimental to the downright rude!  So whatever the age of the kids and the taste of their dad, there will be a card to suit.

We were given a code to make one and the kids chose this lovely photo card for their dad.  It is a lovely design and the photographs will make it very precious to him.  There are loads of other designs they could have chosen including one that suggests he was "mum's bitch"!

Dog's Doodahs

The Dog's Doodahs is an all-occasion online card and gift shop selling a host of traditional, cute and funny cards alongside some rather cheeky ones which feature jokes about alcohol, sex and getting old.  Many can be personalised with photos and text on the front and the inside, so you can tailor the card to the recipient, bringing a smile on their special day.  The site is fun and friendly and perfect for anyone looking for something a bit risque!

A standard size (A5-ish) card is £3.99 delivered from

Give Dad A Hug and Say Thanks

A recent survey commissioned by Wilkinson's Sword says 49% of dads won't get a hug or kiss this Father's Day and 44% of people admit to not thanking their dads for everything they do for them.  Women are more open with their emotions than men, who on a whole, find it more difficult to express their love to their fathers.

That is so very sad.  We're a very touchy feely family who tell each other how much we love each other on a daily basis. Ian used to be a bit uptight about his emotions, as he doesn't have very demonstrative parents, but after 20 odd years with me, he is now as gushy as it gets!

Wilkinson Sword are asking for us to express our love through making a #Dadication on Facebook or Twitter, telling our dads what we are grateful for.  I really like this campaign, giving good dads the recognition they deserve.


So don't forget to dish out the hugs, kisses and thank yous this year...they don't cost a penny and will mean more than any gifts!!


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