Friday, 2 May 2014

What Fred Said...about Dora, Dandelions and My Singing.

funny things kids say

Freddy had worked out exactly why he was feeling tired:

I ate my Aero and it turned into lots of energy, but now my energy is used up and it has all turned into poo.


Freddy had a yogurt then put the spoon he had used back in the cutlery drawer.

It's OK, I licked it clean first!


He put his Nana into her place this week, with regards to her botanical knowledge:

Freddy: Look it's a dandelion. (He proceeded to pick the dandelion clock and blow it.)
Nana: Oh Freddy, look at all those fairies.
Freddy: They're not fairies Nana, they're dandelion seeds.


I think the appeal of Dora the Explorer has worn thin.  Whilst watching an episode where Dora was searching for the princess's castle Freddy could keep it in no more:

What's the matter with you Dora?  Are you blind?  Are you blind Dora? It's right there!

(To be fair, I think we all feel that way about Dora too!)


Whilst listening to "Wearing my Rolex" in the car (yes I listen to Wiley on the schoolrun!) Freddy deduced:

The boy just talks his words and the girl sings oddly.  Actually all girls sing oddly.  *brief pause* Except for Ella she sings good.
Me: What about me Freddy, do I sing 'good'?
No. You sing oddly.  Especially when you sing Frozen. You do that in a very wrong voice.


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