Thursday, 1 May 2014

Make Story Time Magical with Hallmark Interactive Books

Every child loves listening to a good story.  Freddy certainly enjoys snuggling up and sharing a book with me. But imagine just how exciting it would be if the storybook could interact with you, ask questions and make you a part of the story!  Well, Hallmark have some new Interactive Story Books that allow you to do just that.

storytime, interactive books

All Aboard! and A Day at Fairy Grandmother's are two fun interactive storybooks which respond to the reader and the child, giving up to 30 different possibilities within the story.

Hallmark, interactive book

To be a part of the story you have to switch on the book then read it aloud.  At certain places in the book, the characters will talk to you, continuing the adventure and will ask a question for the child to respond to.  


Freddy and I have been enjoying the books and as long as you speak clearly and timely and there is not too much background noise, they work really well!  Freddy got really involved and enjoyed being a part of the story.

All Aboard! tells the story of Connor the conductor on his train en route to Celebration City.  Children help him to do things such as call the passengers on board, find a missing ticket and decide the best route for the train.  A Day At Fairy Grandmother's sees little ones help Fairy Grandmother find her missing wand and includes a run-in with a big red dragon.

Hallmark, interactive storybook

Take a look at these two demonstration videos to see the books in action.


All Aboard! is just £9.99 and A Day At Fairy Grandmother's is £14.99.
Each book takes 2 x AA batteries which are included.      

Find out more at


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