Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Vegan Banana Berry Sundae

vegan, dairy free
Banana Berry Sundae

Just because you are vegan or if you are following a dairy-free or no added sugar diet, it does not mean you don't want to enjoy a delicious frozen sundae.  Using nothing more than fresh, ripe fruit, a freezer and a food processor, I made a banana berry 'ice cream' and then stewed up some berries in their own juices to make a berry compote. I layered them up in a glass and I topped it with walnuts.  Delicious and pretty damn virtuous.

vegan ice cream

Freeze until just firm, which takes just a few hours.  If you have a sweet tooth, add some maple syrup to the compote as it's naturally a little tart, but I like tasting the real flavours of the fruit.

You can keep the ice cream in a tub in the freezer and when you need it, just defrost in the fridge until softened.  

The kids loved this dessert too, so it's a healthy alternative for pudding time, which contributes to their five a day.


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