Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Saving Money as a Morrisons Mum

I was recently invited by Britmums to be a #MorrisonsMum. I was gifted with £80 of vouchers so I could do my Bank Holiday grocery shopping.  Morrisons is my regular place to shop, as we are lucky enough to have a reasonable sized store in our little town, but with their new permanent price cuts on over a thousand of their most popular products, I was interested to see if I would be able to cut the cost of my weekly bill.

Morrisons, supermarket

Armed with my vouchers, my trolley and my trusty shopping sidekick Ian, we hit the store on Saturday morning, our usual shopping day.

You enter the store and walk straight into the Fruit and Vegetable aisles.  Being on a bit of a health kick, I went a bit mad stocking up on the 3 for £1.50 and 2 for £3.00 fruit and veg offers.  With carrots, melons, sweet potatoes, bananas, raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, apples, mushrooms, peppers, grapes, cauliflowers, avocado, spinach, pears, salad, dates, cucumber and a coconut in our trolley we had made sure we'll be getting our five a day for days to come.

fruit, vegetables, supermarket

I am always impressed with the quality of the fresh produce in Morrisons.  I also really like the 'Stores Seconds' section, selling the odd loose bits and bobs for cheap.  I found a huge punnet of raspberries and one of strawberries for just 85p each.  They obviously needed eating on the same day, but that was fine for me and my berry loving brood.


Looking out for the new yellow stickered 'I'm Cheaper' products, which are clearly identified in store, meant I was able to save on a few everyday essentials.

price cuts

I was really pleased to find Shredded Wheat permanently reduced by 40p and wholemeal bread down to 59p a loaf. Both things we buy regularly, so this will represent a genuine saving week to week.  Frozen Quorn mince, sausages and pieces have also had their prices cut, along with Heinz tomato ketchup, own brand ready meals, fresh soups, washing up liquid, Marmite, baby products, cereals, fresh produce, frozen goods, pasta, rice and toiletry products.  On average, prices have been slashed by 17%.

Shredded Wheat

In addition to these permanently lowered prices across the store, there are also a host of special offers including half price Quorn sausages and burgers.  I love it when vegetarian food is on special and I tend to stock up. The BOGOF and half price offers are always a  big attraction, and I work my weekly menus around what is on offer each week.  My multisave offers saved me £4.26 off my bill on this shop. 


We had a trolley filled up with lots of healthy fruit and vegetables, vegetarian staples (such as Quorn and Tofu), wholefoods (such as Quinoa), tinned foods and frozen items.  We also bought Cushelle loo rolls and some toiletries.


I was delighted with all the shopping we bought, which is enough for a whole week of healthy eating, with some extras for the store cupboard and freezer.


The first meal that we enjoyed over the Bank Holiday weekend was an indoor barbecue (Ian had unknowingly used up all last year's coals)!  For the kids, we did Quorn burgers in a bun with salad and fried potatoes. The price was:

Quorn Burgers £1.12 for 2
Large Bread Rolls £1.00 for 6
Salad 99p for 2 bags
Potatoes 50p (part of the 3 for £1.50 deal)
Heinz Tomato Ketcup 700g £1.99

So each plate would cost just over £1.  Much cheaper than a fast food restaurant - and much better too!


For me, I had a grilled Portabello Mushroom (£1.69 for 4) topped with Halloumi (£2.35 a pack) served with sweet potatoes (£1.39 for a bag of six) and salad.

paleo, vegetarian, no carbs

I also made some fabulous smoothies using half of both of the punnets of berries (85p) I bought in the seconds section of the fruit aisle, along with an organic banana (30p) and a cup of almond milk (£1.49 a litre) plus a handful of frozen fruit I had in the freezer.

The cost per glass of delicious Banana Berry Smoothie was just 40 p and it was delicious!

vegan, smoothie

Morrisons money saving offers and own brand and big brand price cuts are definitely competing with the discount supermarkets when it comes to lowering the cost of grocery shopping.  And for me, the shopping experience, the cafe, the helpful staff (the lady who overheard me talking about not being able to find Tofu, then leaped in to assist us without having to be asked, was an absolute gem) and the other promotions (we got a voucher for 6p off a litre of fuel for spending over £40) means that I intend to remain a loyal Morrisons Mum!


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