Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Introducing One World Futbol - the Indestructible Football!

As this year's World Cup gets ever closer, football fever is starting to take hold.  Freddy, who is 4, is enjoying honing his ball skills with daddy in the garden and I'm planning a World Cup party with a Brazilian flavour.  A summer of football is definitely on the cards.

One World Futbol, has launched the world's first nearly indestructible football in the UK and Freddy was sent one to try out.  It will never need pumping up and never goes flat, even when punctured, making it perfect for withstanding some seriously tough kick abouts.

indestructible ball

The One World Futbol Project combines encouraging outdoor play with humanitarian aid.  For every purchase in the UK, a ball will be donated to disadvantaged communities around the world in their 'Buy One, Give One' campaign. The toughness of the balls makes them suitable for any terrain, and the company's mission aims to bring a joy of football to young people living in refugee camps, disaster areas, war zones and disadvantaged communities.  More than 165 countries have been reached by the One World Futbol project, bringing the healing power of play to millions of children.  It's a wonderful thought to know that as Freddy plays in the garden, another child will be playing somewhere else in the world, where play can be used to bring joy, teach life skills and foster social change.

The ball itself is sturdy and made of tough elastomer plastic.  It has a lower bounce rate making it easier to control and less likely to bounce over a neighbour's fence.  As it is never goes flat, even when punctured, it will outlive most other balls on the market making it a good investment that will last for years. It can even survive being run over by a car or chewed by a dog.

One World futbol

It's tough enough for use on the roughest of play surfaces, but is just as good on the street, in the garden or on the beach.  It is well weighted and easy to control.  The One World Futbol has replaced all of the old deflated, faded and torn footballs and playballs in our garden this summer!

You can find out more, buy a One World Futbol for yourself and choose the campaign to send your donated ball to at  They cost £33.00 on a 'buy one, give one' basis.

Watch some inspirational videos on their YouTube channel:


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