Thursday, 29 May 2014

Jelly Bears - Fun Kids' Vitamins that are 100% Veggie Friendly!

As a family of vegetarians, we often struggle to find vitamin supplements that are vegetarian friendly.  They often contain gelatin, have fish sourced omega 3 and animal sourced vitamin D.  Finding vitamins that are are also kid friendly has proved even more difficult.  So I was delighted to be chosen to try out Jelly Bears, a range of vegetarian vitamin fruity bear gummies from Mill House.

vegetarian vitamins

The Jelly Bears come in a cute collectable, re-usable bear shaped pot with a removable teddy bear head on the lid.  Once emptied, it would make a lovely money box or keepsake jar for a child.

 The fun factor of the product means that it isn't chore getting little ones to take their vitamin supplements.  Each pack contains 50 Jelly Bears and kids aged 3 and up can take 1 or 2 a day to supplement their diet with nutrients essential for a child's growth and development.  Freddy, aged 4, can be a fussy eater, so knowing that I am topping him up with extra vitamins makes me feel more confident about what he eats.

Jelly Bears

The Jelly Bears come in summer berry flavoured Multivitamins; orange flavoured Multivitamins + Zinc and orange flavoured Multivitamins + Omega 3.  Knowing that they are 100% natural, with plant derived pectin instead of gelatin, really pleases me.  I am also delighted to find a product containing Omega 3 that isn't fish based.  

As a vegetarian parent, I want my children to have appropriate supplements that are fun and kid friendly - Jelly Bears tick all the boxes!

diet supplements for kids

Each Jelly Bear is shaped with masses of kid-appeal.  Each little colourful, bite-size jelly is bear shaped.  The texture is quite soft and easy to eat.  Freddy says the Jelly Bears Multivitamins are "really fruity and very yummy" and he loves the packaging.   Having a vitamin Jelly Bear every morning is a fun part of his routine that he looks forward to.

As the Jelly Bears are very sweet-like in taste and appearance we have had to explain that he can only have 1 or 2 a day (or else I think he would have scoffed the lot!)  So it is important to supervise little ones and keep the Jelly Bears out of their reach.

gummie bears

Each pot of 50 Jelly Bears sells at £6.99 and are available at Holland and Barrett stores or online.

They are a great product, well priced, child friendly and suitable for vegetarians.  The cute, re-usable packaging is an added bonus.  Both Freddy and I have given the Jelly Bears a big thumbs up!

Jelly Bears

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