Wednesday, 7 May 2014

My Fooodie Review Round Up - Wahaca, Brioche Pasquier and Ilumi

Wahaca Sauce

Wahaca is bringing some Mexican heat to my cooking, with their range of Smoky Chipotle, Fruity Habanero and Fiery Arbol chilli sauces.  Created by Masterchef winner Thomasina Miers, they are made with carefully selected chillies to create a versatile sauce for marinading, drizzling or cooking.


I used the Fiery Arbol Chilli sauce to add a kick of heat to my Quorn and Vegetable Satay (made simply using sugar and salt free peanut butter and coconut milk).  It added a lovely warmth to the dish.


Brioche Pasquier 

My children are big fans of French bakery items, which bring back many happy memories of holidaying in France. When they were sent some Brioche Pasquier items to try out they were eager to tuck in!

France, brioche

The individually wrapped Pains as Chocolate and the new Pitch chocolate brioche rolls are perfect for snacking on the go or for lunchboxes.  The Pains au Lait are deliciously soft rolls  that little ones will love.


The kid friendly Pitch rolls are available in Chocolate, Choc Chip, Lemon, and Strawberry flavours.  The chocolate ones are filled with a dark chocolate centre. Kizzy absolutely loves them!

All Brioche Pasquier products are free from artificial preservatives and colours, and are made using traditional, authentic recipes and techniques.  They bring a taste of France to breakfast, lunch and snacktime.

brioche pasquier

Ilumi Vegetarian Range - GF, dairy free and nut free.

Ilumi is a range of allergen free ready meals, sauces, soups and rices which are lovingly created using natural ingredients to enhance wellbeing.  They contain no nuts, no milk and no gluten making them great for people with allergies or for those trying to cut down on dairy or follow a GF diet.  Coming in convenient pouches, they can be enjoyed at home or eaten anywhere where they can be reheated.

gluten free, vegan, ilumi

The ingredients lists are clearly displayed on the front of the packaging and read like a homemade recipe. No nasty additives or chemicals, just real food, herbs and spices.  Ilumi have recently expanded their vegetarian range and I was sent a few samples to try out.

I was delighted to see that the dishes were all vegan as well as being GF friendly so they fitted in perfectly with my latest healthy eating.  They are convenient for those days when I have been too busy to make something completely from scratch.

Vegetable and Chickpea Jalfrezi - medium hot curry sauce covers butternut squash, chickpeas and peppers in this dish.  Perfect served with rice.
Geng Gari Curry with Butternut Squash - with coconut milk, sweet potato and butternut squash blended together in the sauce this is a sweet dish offset by the use of lemon grass and lime juice. This tasted authentically Thai with its sweet and sharp flavours.
Spicy Harira Soup - lentils, chickpea and tomato combine to make a spiced soup. Great if you like your food a bit spicy! A big hit with my husband.
Vegetable Biryani - a mildly aromatic rice dish, packed with vegetable pieces.  It's nice and moist and tasty with nice chunks of vegetable throughout.


You can shop online at where the soup costs £1.75 a pouch and vegetarian main meals cost £2.75. There are lots of choices for vegans and vegetarians.  Ilumi is quality convenience food at a reasonable price.


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