Friday, 2 May 2014

Persil Small & Mighty Stain Removal Test

Persil Small & Mighty is a unique laundry detergent that can also be used as an effective pre-treatment for some really tough stains.  It comes in a multi-functional bottle with a flip lid and spout for ease of use.  The dosing ball is stored in a hole in the bottle and can be popped out so you can simply pop, pour and rub onto dirty clothing.  

They are so confident in the ability of their product to remove common household stains that I was given a challenge by Persil Small & Mighty, which in a nutshell is this:


Take one white T-shirt.  (I found one of Kizzy's ...Shhh don't tell her!)

Paint with melted chocolate, fruit juice, blue ink and green paint.  (In effect recreating a normal day's mess for a small child!)


persil stain removal

Panic that you've deliberately soiled your daughter's clothing!

Treat with Persil Bio Small & Mighty's special stain remover dosing ball, rubbing a little detergent in with the dimpled surface.

stain removal

Wash in a load at 40 degrees.


Be amazed that the T-shirt comes out from the wash almost 100% stain-free!! (There is a faint mark where the ink was, which hardly showed when the T-shirt was dry.)


I am genuinely impressed by this as I honestly thought that the ink slodge in particular (which soaked through both sides of the fabric) would never come out.  It was almost completely gone after washing, and the small mark faded further when the t-shirt was completely dried. Plus the load of laundry smelled lovely,  fresh and clean!

My independent testing has convinced me that this is a very efficient method of removing stains from clothing and as you are using just the one product for your laundry it saves both money and effort!

If me or one of the kids drop something mucky down our fronts in future, I'll act quickly and definitely treat the stain using this method!  

It also works on grease, grass, fruit, curry, chocolate milkshake and ragu sauce.

Persil Small & Mighty has been named Product of the Year 2014.

NEW Persil Small & Mighty comes in 15, 25, 40 and 60 wash packs, and is made from packaging that can be recycled (where facilities exist).

Persil Bio and Colour – 525ml – 15 washes - £4.69
Persil Bio and Colour – 875ml – 25 washes - £6.79
Persil Bio and Colour – 1400ml – 40 washes - £9.99
Persil Bio and Colour – 2100ml – 60 washes - £13


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