Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Woolly and Tig Toys

Woolly and Tig is the smash hit CBeebies show that has found a place in the hearts of pre-school children across the country and  Golden Bear is about to launch some cute new Woolly toys so little ones can have their very own Woolly friend!

The series follows 3 year old Tig, and her toy spider, Woolly. Each episode explores the feelings that children have when faced with new experiences, such as a first day at nursery school, where uncertainty and anxiety are replaced with fun and laughter when Woolly comes to life.  Woolly allows children to express their emotions and he gives sage advice that little ones will take to heart such as you can get to sleep by counting kisses or having a haircut makes you feel shiny and new!

We were sent some of the Woolly toys to try out.
  • Woolly Soft Toy
  •  Poseable Talking Woolly
  • Jumbo Bedtime Snuggle Woolly
  • Woolly Pick n Match Pairs Game

Golden Bear

The Poseable Talking Woolly is the perfect comfort toy and the ideal companion for little ones who love to take a friend on the go! Kids can press his head to hear some of his most popular phrases and bend some of his legs to position Woolly. He’s great for giving little ones a confidence boost in new situations as he is always on hand for a reassuring cuddle.

The Woolly Pick n Match Pairs Game consists of 16 pairs of cards each depicting a different emotion.  Happy, Sad, Proud, Shy and Frightened pictures of Woolly are some of the feelings featured.  Not only are these cards good for matching or games of pairs, they also open up dialogue with your child as you can discuss the pictures and talk about the different ways your child might be feeling.  Great for helping them understand their emotions.

The Woolly Soft Toy is a cute little comfort toy, suitable from birth.  It is a lovely little companion for children to carry around and love.  The attention to detail and the likeness to the TV character will make little ones fall in love with their very own Woolly friend.

Jumbo Bedtime Snuggle Woolly is Freddy's favourite of all the Woolly toys.  He is big and soft and adorable. Perfect for cuddling, this toy is a perfect bedtime companion and can help with the bedtime routine.  Children need things to bring comfort to them at times, especially if they feel insecure or afraid, so this snuggly Woolly will soon become a firm favourite when an extra hug is needed.

Woolly and Tig

Woolly and Tig is a perfect springboard for parents to discuss emotions with young children.  This makes dealing with common worries that children have that much easier, giving a focus and providing fresh ideas to approaching problems with positivity and fun.  These toys offer an extra aid in this process, bringing a familiar and cuddly companion into the proceedings.


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