Thursday, 9 May 2013

Post-It Notes "Friendly Frankenstein" Canvas Artwork

Gone are the days when Post-It Notes came in a single size and colour and were considered to simply be somewhere to write memos to stick to the wall using the clever self-adhesive strip.  These days they are a fun stationery must-have which have inspired people to become far more creative when using them.  Now available in lots of different colours, shapes and sizes, they are still handy for note making, but they can also be used as a material for arts and craft activities. They are mess free and re-positionable so are suitable for even the youngest artists in the family to use. No scissors or glue required. The sticky sheets are ideal for making mosaics, can be used to decorate a pinata, can create fun patterns on the wall or be used to make pixel-style pictures.  There are some amazing examples of fabulous full-wall size murals made using Post-It Notes on the internet which are simply incredible!

3M have just launched Post-It Notes Colour Cubes which really help inspire creativity with their range of vibrant hues!

We were challenged by 3M to come up with an idea for a piece of artwork made using Post-It Notes.  We were supplied with a selection of Post-Its and a canvas to use.


It was fun experimenting with the colourful shapes and making designs.  After a lot of sticking and re-sticking of the Post-Its we had made Initial Mosaics and geometric patterns.  But the design we all agreed on was a fun and easy to make "Friendly Frankenstein" face made using the small green and yellow Full Adhesive Post-It Notes and one large blue Post-It Note.

post-its, 3M

Unfortunately, although they are super sticky and stick to almost anything, they didn't stick firmly to the uneven, rough surface of the canvas so we made our design on paper first, cut around it and then mounted it onto the canvas using fabric glue.  It looked very effective.

Here is my video tutorial on how to make a Friendly Frankenstein Canvas using Post-It Notes.


We were really pleased with the end result, especially the curled hair on top.  Freddy wants it hung on his wall so he obviously thinks it is quite good!  We are going to experiment with this idea further ... a Mrs Frankenstein with curly eyelashes and matching hair-do will be next! There is so much scope to get creative and designs can be as simple or as elaborate as you want.

It is a really fun way of creating art and something that is suitable for all ages and abilities.

Check out the Post-It UK Facebook Page to check out the new range of Post-It Notes and discover a whole world of colour!


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