Thursday, 16 May 2013

Bigjigs Carpenters Bench Review

Bigjigs Toys

We are so thrilled to be Play Patrol Agents for Bigjigs Toys.  We love their wonderful range of ethical, traditional, environmentally friendly, wooden toys.  Freddy is so excited about putting the fun to the test by trying out some of Bigjigs Toys best offerings.

His first assignment was to test out the Carpenters Bench, a 15 piece workbench and tool set, suitable for children aged 3 and up.


The toys comes minimally packaged in a cardboard box with the accessories contained in a single plastic bag. The bench itself is constructed from solid, varnished wood with pre-drilled holes for storing the tools and hammering in the nails.  The tools and accessories are very colourful.

Children can learn about shapes and colours as they sort through the pieces.  Number skills can also be practiced as children count the pieces.

Motor skills and dexterity are developed as little fingers pop the nails and screws through the holes and manipulate them with the tools.

The work bench gives opportunities for role play and unleashes a child's imagination as they pretend to be a carpenter or copy a parent's DIY skills.  Perfect for all those little jobs around the house!

Children's vocabulary is expanded as they learn the names of all the different tools and their functions.

Bigjigs Toys

Freddy (insistently and enthusiastically wearing his Bigjigs Play Patrol T-shirt and rucksack combo) was immediately drawn to the workbench.  He is a boy who enjoys hitting things so he set straight to work hammering the wooden nails into the bench.  Using the screwdriver he turned the screws and used the spanner to twist the nuts and bolts.

The nails hammered in completely into the holes in the bench.  Freddy was mostly able to pull them out using the claw side of the hammer (which catapulted them into the air much to his amusement) but sometimes they were just too firmly in.  I showed him how to turn the bench over and hammer them out from the underside.

The tools are solid and could cause damage if used on anything other than the bench.  In the wrong hands they could be lethal!  But teaching kids to use them properly and appropriately is a great lesson in itself.


The Carpenters Bench is a compact and self-contained toy that takes up little space compared to the full-sized workbenches available on the market.  It may be small in size but it has lots of scope for play with the assortment of holes and accessories to explore.  It's a good size for taking away to the grandparents or on holiday to keep children entertained, and it all fits back into the box after use.  Priced at just £10.99, it is a well priced toy that little ones will really enjoy playing with.

Find out more on the Bigjigs Toys range and purchase them online at the website:

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