Friday, 3 May 2013

We All Love Our Dairylea!

Two exciting new flavours of Dairylea are now on sale in Tesco supermarkets:  Mighty Mature and Springy Onion.  The all natural recipe sees the addition of tangy mature cheddar or spring onion to liven up a family favourite.  We've been sent one of each to test, so today as an after school snack, I challenged the kids to dip and spread the cheesy goodness onto various accompaniments to see what they liked best!

Using carrot sticks, bread sticks, oatcakes and sliced bread, the two varieties of New Dairylea were thoroughly enjoyed.  It was nice providing a healthy after school snack for the children and seeing them enjoy it so enthusiastically.

cheese, dairy

17 year old Ella loved the Mighty Mature, which is really flavoursome and tangy, as a dip for carrot sticks.  Kizzy, 10, loved the Spring Onion on oatcakes best of all.  3 year old Freddy favoured the Mighty Mature spread on sliced, white bread.  Both flavours were a big hit with the children.


The new Dairylea flavours are versatile additions to the range.  As well as spreading on bread or crackers or dipping with veggie sticks, crisps or breadsticks, they can be dolloped on jacket potatoes, salad or on pasta.  or mixed into mash potato.  They are really yummy and will definitely be on my shopping list!

I think the Mighty Mature is exceptionally good.  It may be targeted as a children's spread, but it is definitely something adults will enjoy.  It is deliciously mature, with a lovely texture.  It would make a lovely cheesy topping on a Quorn Fillet or over new potatoes.  

They come in 160g tubs, are suitable for vegetarians, contain all natural ingredients including milk and cheese and bring an exciting new twist to the Dairylea Brand.  The new flavours will be coming to Asda and Morrison's at the end of the month.

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