Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Making Slushies With the Chillfactor Squeeze Cup

I am really hoping for a good summer this year.  After a harsh winter and a disappointing spring, surely we deserve a good summer?  If we do get sunshine and warm weather, one of the things my children love to drink is an ice cold slush.  

We have been sent a Chillfactor Squeeze Cup Slushy Maker from Character Online to try out.  The cup needs to be frozen in the freezer, then a chilled drink is poured in.  The soft cup is then squeezed and in seconds it turns the drink into delicious slush. Easy!


Any drinks can be transformed into slush: fruit juices, fizzy drinks, even milkshake!  It is fun to do and the resulting icy slushy is really good.  It is much easier than using ice and a blender and is mess free.  However you can only make one drink at a time and the cup needs refreezing between uses.  So if you have more than one child, you may want to get them each their own cup to avoid arguments!  The cups can be kept in the freezer ready for when a slushy drink is required.

The cup comes with a domed lid and a spoon-straw so you can enjoy your slushy anywhere you like.  They stay cold for a long time so don't melt quickly, allowing kids to enjoy their frosty slush.

The cups are £12.99 RRP and are re-usable.  They come in red, yellow, blue and green.  They will definitely be a lot of fun over the warmer months and Kizzy is looking forward to experimenting with fruit juices to make some delicious slushies that will contribute to her five a day.

Here is a video of the cup in action made for


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