Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Postman Pat Special Delivery Service Toys

When I first watched Postman Pat with my eldest children he was just a simple postman with a van and a cat.  Over the years, he has had quite a dramatic professional makeover and now has a host of vehicles at his disposal including a helicopter!

Character Online have a range of Postman Pat vehicles, playsets and action figures which will keep any little Pat fans happy as they re-enact scenes of their favourite Greendale adventures.

Freddy was sent a SDS Helicopter to try out.  The free wheeling vehicle comes with accessories: a harness and a highland cow.  Unfortunately, although it has a space for both Jess and Pat in the cockpit,  it doesn't contain any figures which is disappointing and makes this helicopter less of  a stand alone toy. However, some of the other vehicles do include Pat and he is available to purchase separately, so the helicopter will be a great addition to a Postman Pat toy collection.

Freddy didn't particularly recognise it as a Postman Pat vehicle once it was out of its box, but he was delighted to have a helicopter to play with! He did ask where "the man" was as the helicopter clearly has a seat that is crying out to be sat in.  He improvised in a mixed genre solution and made his Peppa Pig characters take the controls and fly the helicopter instead. Unperturbed by the lack of Pat, he enjoyed 'flying' the vehicle around, rotating the propeller blades and dangling the cow from its harness!

postman pat

The cow is solid and heavy and was a little difficult to balance in the harness, but is well made and cute.  The helicopter is nicely made and apart from the doors coming off when it was dropped, is quite robust and sturdy.  The free wheeling aspect of the helicopter, the opening rear doors and the spinning propellers add to the play value.  Freddy is really enjoying playing with the helicopter and bar from the lack of Pat, this is a good toy and a great addition to the SDS range.

Priced at £10.99.


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