Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Playing for Keeps DVD Review

PLAYING FOR KEEPS Out on DVD and Blu-ray 20th May

Gerard Butler stars in PLAYING FOR KEEPS, a new romantic comedy which comes with a bit of added spice! Out to rent and own on DVD and Blu-ray from 20th May (RRP £15.99/£17.99).


Butler stars as George Dryer, a down-on-his-luck former football star who is desperate to rebuild a relationship with his ex-wife, Stacie, and his young son, Lewis.

In an attempt to put his life back on track and win his family back he starts coaching his son's football team. But football coaching introduces George to the world of football mums!


We were sent a copy to review.  Our first issue was trying to work out what Butler's accent was meant to be  (Scottish??) and then decipher his mumbling dialogue. Secondly, his questionable morals sat a little uneasily in what is meant to be a heart warming rom-com.  I didn't find myself rooting for him at all as he wormed his way back into his ex-wife's affections.  Even when he grows a conscience and starts taking his responsibilities seriously, I struggled to feel that he deserved a second chance with his wife who was about to remarry.  Maybe if the male lead was played by an actor who I find irresistible I'd have felt differently, but I'm just not a fan of Butler in romantic roles.  Sorry!

However, the star studded cast kept us interested.  The women acted well, carrying the storyline, and the kids' football team were very cute. There were some heartwarming moments throughout the film that made us smile. Fans of Butler will undoubtedly enjoy this film which showcases his physique and rugged charm both on and off the pitch.


Released: 20th May 2013
RRP: DVD £15.99 / Blu-ray £17.99
Certificate: 12A
Features: Deleted Scenes / The Playbook: Making Playing for Keeps / Creating An All-Star Team: The Cast of Playing for Keeps


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