Wednesday, 20 February 2013

My Girl Talk Cover Girl

Kizzy recently won a competition in Girl Talk magazine, the prize being to join the team and try her hand at being a journalist on her favourite magazine.  We went down to their offices in Hammersmith on Monday for Kizzy to live out her dream job for one wonderful, action packed day.

With a tight schedule of exciting opportunities to work through, Kizzy embraced the role and got stuck in to the challenges.  The first job was to go to Disney's HQ and interview the Disney Channel's "Get the Look" presenter Electra Formosa.

Get the Look, Disney
Kizzy and Electra

She was a really lovely, engaging girl who was generous with her answers to Kizzy's interview questions.  She offered some great advice to Kizzy about style, fashion and how to get celebrity looks.  I was proud of Kizzy who was very good at asking the questions that she had written herself and rehearsed beforehand!

Going into the fashion cupboard  at Girl Talk was a dream come true for my mini-fashionista.  She poured over racks of clothing and through drawers of accessories.  She was challenged to style herself as a Girl Talk cover girl and was very true to her own style when she picked out the outfit that she wanted, which included a gorgeous Boden jumper with a pearl-edged collared blouse underneath.

Girl Talk

model, Boden

She looked beautiful and confident as she took part in a photoshoot.

The photos were then used on a mock up front cover which Kizzy helped to design.  She chose what was going on the front alongside her photo which included her favorite Disney and Nickelodeon characters, her top fashion picks, the headlines and of course Harry Styles saying "I heart Kezia!"  She had so much fun doing this and loved seeing the finished result take shape.

magazine, Girl talk

On the way home after her day at Girl Talk, Kizzy was buzzing with ideas to further her interest in fashion, make-up and styling.  She has ideas about working harder on her blog and building a body of work that might help her get to her dream job one day.  It is lovely hearing her so enthusiastic about something.  I love that although she is an academic child who does well in school, that she isn't afraid to think about pursuing a path in a subject that she loves.  I am proud that she is a free-thinking individual who knows her own mind.  She talked at length to the editor of Girl Talk about what she wanted from her magazine reading and gave ideas that would empower young women rather than pigeon hole or stereotype them into traditional roles.  She really has a strong personality that I am sure will hold her in good stead!  She isn't afraid of being herself, even when that means going against the norm.

This wonderful prize that Kizzy won has been so much more than just a day out.  She has been inspired and excited about the fashion and media industry, what it means to be a girl in the 21st century and about her own future.  I am so proud of my daughter!


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