Friday, 8 February 2013

Matt Hatter - Defending The Universe

There is a great comic for kids out this month based on the CITV animated series Matt Hatter, which airs at 7.40am on CITV and ITV1 every Saturday and Sunday.  The series tells the adventures of a 13 year old boy, Matt Hatter, whose life changes forever when he discovers his family are guardians of a secret dimension called the Multiverse.  The gateway to the Multiverse is accessed through The Coronet movie theatre, which is Matt’s home.  Famous villains from movies screened at The Coronet have escaped into the Multiverse and are now under the control of evil Lord Tenoroc.  In a quest to protect the Multiverse and save his Grandpa, Matt must become the new Hatter hero and together with his best friends Roxie and Gomez, defeat and capture the villains using their ultra-cool gadgetry.  Matt hatter will appeal to 5-10 years old, especially those who enjoy TV shows such as Ben 10.

I've been sent a copy of the comic Totally Matt Hatter for the kids to take a look at.  They are not familiar with the Matt Hatter brand but were happy to give it a read and play with the freebies that came with the comic. (That is always Freddy's favourite part of any comic!)

The comic itself is big and glossy and includes comic strips, a quiz, fun facts, puzzles, a poster and a section on how to draw Matt.  The free gift was a 3D Crossbow Blaster which can be used to shoot the cut out Spatter Trap creatures from the back cover.  The blaster shoots plastic discs and is quite lethal in the hands of a 3 and a half year old so beware!!  Much of the mag is in 3D and the funky Matt Hatter 3D multivision visor was quite a hit!  Kizzy enjoyed reading the comic strip with the added bonus of it being in 3D.

comic, CITV

Totally Matt Hatter is aimed at gadget-loving boys aged 5-10 and is priced at £3.99.


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