Sunday, 24 February 2013

Visiting Warwick Castle

Over half term we visited Warwick Castle.  Freddy loves castles and magic and swords, so was immediately in his element playing at being Harry Potter or Mike the Knight.  

warwick castle

He loved climbing the ramparts (coping with all 553 steep stone steps!), pretending to shoot arrows from the little windows of the castle and running over the cobbled pathways.

warwick castle

He was fascinated with the exhibitions where he got to touch bows and arrows and wear a helmet (although he wasn't too keen on how heavy it was!)

Warwick castle

He played in the playground which was perfect for little princes and princesses to let off steam.  My favourite moment was when he tried out the stocks.  He really played the part well!  Bless him.

stocks, drunkard

Warwick Castle is a great day out for families who are interested in history.  It really fired up Freddy's imagination and it was a delight to see him engaged in his role play.

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