Thursday, 28 February 2013

What's In Your Pocket?

We all know the little thrill you get when you put your hand in the pocket of that coat you haven't worn for ages, feel something crumpled up in the corner, pull it out (fearing it may be something that one of the kids stuffed in there) only to discover it is a £20 note!  It's something that feels great. The question is, what would you do with it?  Would you pop it in your purse and let it become one with the weekly housekeeping?  Would you treat yourself to something nice?  Go out for a meal? Would you give it to a homeless person?  Donate to charity?  Buy a bottle of wine?  A big cake?  Or perhaps you'd do something else.

I got the chance to find out what I'd do when Money Supermarket gave me £20 to do whatever I liked with.  £20 for nothing is a nice bonus.  It's not enough cash that you feel obliged to do something sensible, but it is enough to do something nice for someone else or to treat yourself.

I am someone who likes to spread the love, especially where the kids are involved!  So I decided that I would lay on a film afternoon for my children and some of their friends.  They work hard at school, they are well behaved and friendly, and are a very supportive bunch of kids.  It is nice to reward them.

My Shopping List

Frankenweenie DVD  £10.99
2 cheese & tomato pizzas £2.00
1 bag of popcorn £1.00
2 bottles of pop  £2.00
1 bag of carrots £1.00
1 cucumber £1.00
1 tub of hummous £1.00
Charity box in store £1.01

The grand total of my spending was exactly £20.00!  This is £20 that entertained, fed and treated my kids plus six extra children. It gave them a feel good feeling which made me happy too.  That is a very cost effective, fun filled and entertaining thing to do with the money!  It made me feel great to share my little windfall with my children and some of the local kids.

And what exactly did that £20 buy?

Friendships cemented.


Laughter and smiles.

Something they will talk about tomorrow and for days to come.

Making the kids feel valued.

Feeling epic!


Take a look at this video Pocket Some Extra Cash to see the reactions of some lucky people who felt great after discovering £20 in their dry cleaning (planted by  They enjoyed one of life's little wins!

What would YOU do if you found £20 in your pocket?

This is my entry into the #whatsinyourpocket challenge in conjunction with


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