Friday, 1 February 2013

What February May Bring

Hello February!  Who can believe that we are now in the second month of 2013!?  Certainly not me.  It seems like yesterday that I packed the Christmas baubles back into their plastic box, and I'm still finding the odd rogue pine needle hiding itself against the skirting boards. But here we are.  One twelfth of 2013 is now behind us.

This month is going to be a strange one for us.  Ian's operation is fast approaching.  There is just a bit of organisation left to do, negotiations between the surgeon, hospital and private health insurance to make sure that all the t's are crossed and the i's dotted.  Ian has been put under the care of a surgeon who is the UK's top specialist in his field.  In fact he has been on Embarrassing Bodies being filmed doing operations, so I'm guessing Ian will be in extremely good hands. Hopefully this time we will get a cure rather than just a 12 month hiatus which his last operation gave him. Ian's symptoms are getting worse and we do live in fear of his kidneys suffering some damage.  Everytime he gets a twinge in his back he starts worrying.  So I hope the red tape gets waded through quickly and Ian can go under the knife that is held in the capable hands of the TV doc!

Of course, following his operation I will have to look after Ian.  I am not the most sympathetic nurse in the world when it comes to caring for my poorly husband.  But he assures me that it is my tough love that gets him back on his feet.  The post-surgery fortnight sounds quite grim and will involve me having to get hands on with some procedures.  I will have to harness my inner Florence Nightingale and rise to the challenge.  Although I am tough, I do it with all the love in my heart and Ian knows that.  It's only because I want him better and can't bear to see my man suffer.

Before the op, we are taking a trip to London as Kizzy has won a competition with Girl Talk magazine to spend a day in the offices.  The competition was to write a topical gossip story in 50 words and she amazed me by writing a really punchy, snappy piece about One Direction.  She really wanted to win but I told her as I always do, not to get her hopes up as hundreds of people enter and the judges have an idea what they are looking for and if you don't fit their criteria you won't win however good your entry was.  I told her that the enjoyment of writing the piece is reward enough and anything else is a bonus.  She was happy with that and pretty much forgot about it until the phone call telling her she had won!!  She can't wait to play at being a magazine editor for a day.  She loves her girlie mags, make-up, fashion and celebrities, so she will be in her element.

Kizzy At Work

We will be hosting a Tree Fu Tom party in half term along with other bloggers across the country.  We'll be inviting round some little people to try out the latest Tree Fu Tom toys and enjoying some themed party games and food.    Freddy loves the CBeebies' show starring Tom, the young boy who does his magical Tree-Fu moves to save the day.  So he will love this!

party, tree-fu tom, cbeebies

You can join us between 4 and 6 pm live on Twitter where there will be some great prizes to be won.  Just look out for the #treefutomtoys hashtag and join in the fun!!

Tomorrow I'm off to see my grandson Ted!  Last night we spent half an hour on Facetime with Joe, Jade and Ted (after Joe read my post).  At times like this I LOVE technology even more than usual.  I got to see my chubby, chinned little grandson cooing and gurgling and giving little smiles as his mum and dad played with him.  It was wonderful!!  I can't wait to give him a cuddle for real tomorrow.  It will be my first visit of 2013 as this is our first free weekend,  and I am going to savour every second with my son and his family. (Just wish that Megan could be there too...nothing beats having all my kids together!)

So February here we come.  I hope it brings all good things for you too!


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