Thursday, 7 February 2013

Cadbury Dairy Milk Launches Joyville Made

Customise Cadbury Dairy Milk bars and send them to your friends and family

I love personalised gifts.  There is something so special about seeing your own name, a personal message or photograph emblazoned on a gift that thrills me much more than it should!  It transcends an ordinary gift into something that often generates far more excitement than the actual gift itself!   I'm not sure if it's because it takes a lot of thought from the gift giver, or simply because I'm a narcissist!

Almost everyone enjoys receiving chocolate as a gift.  Now, thanks to Joyville Made, you can personalise Cadbury choccie bars too!  Cadbury have just launched Joyville Made, which is an innovative online experience where you can customise two different sizes of Cadbury Dairy Milk, add a name or message on the front of the wrapper, and add a message to the back of the wrapper.  However, the customisation doesn’t stop with the packaging.  If anyone wants to make the present even better, they can add a unique web card, which displays more photos from Facebook and videos, all included in the cost of a bar.

Check out these screenshots for more details:

Go to

Choose the size bar you want to customize.

Use the online tools to add text and pics.
Create a unique webcard (the URL is included on the packaging)

Joyville Made allows us to put our own spin on this popular brand by creating deliciously unique gifts to send to friends and family.  I was over the moon to receive my very own 200g customised Cadbury Dairy Milk bar through the post.  The front had my name on it and the back included a photograph from Facebook and a link to my very own unique webcard.  When I opened the box I actually squealed a little bit, seeing my name on the iconic packaging. 

Anyone for a Wendy Bar?

Include a memorable photo on the back!

These bars would be great for Valentine's Day, birthdays or for any occasion. Or simply to let someone know that you are thinking of them.  It's a great and innovative idea from Cadbury.

Find out more at


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