Monday, 25 February 2013

Children's Picture Books

If you are looking for some great children's books to add to your kids' home library, here are two lovely titles that we have been enjoying together from Harper Collins.

The Runaway Bunny

classic, picture book

This Essential Picture Book Classic has an old fashioned simplicity and a powerful messsage filled with reassurance and affirmation of a mother's love for her child.  When the baby bunny thinks about running away, his mother tells him all the ways that she would bring him back home.  First published in 1942, this is a real classic with gentle magic in its words and illustrations.  The tale of unswerving love and maternal devotion will never grow old.

By Margaret Wise Brown
RRP £6.99 PB

Splat Says Thank You

Splat cat, children's books

Splat is a cat that my children already love and here he is back for a new seventh adventure.  In this title Splat wants to thank his mouse pal Seymour for being his friend, in a bid to cheer him up.  Splat makes a book listing all the funny and sweet reasons that he is so thankful to him.  The illustrations are fabulously detailed, lively and  beautifully humorous.  The text is heart-warming and filled with laugh out loud moments that pre-schoolers will love.

By Rob Scotton
RRP £6.99 PB

Both of these books are available to buy now from good stockists and are also available as e-books.


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