Friday, 1 February 2013

Limited Edition Red Nose Day Pez

Global confectionery phenomenon PEZ is flipping its lid for Red Nose Day by creating three specially-designed sweet dispensers, customised with this year’s ‘Dinosesaur’ Red Nose Day characters.

PEZ dispensers featuring the three pre-hysterical Red Nose Day characters, who go by the names of Dinomite, Triceytops and T-Spex, will be stocked from today by a range of UK retailers, including Sainsbury’s, TopShop and B&M Bargains, in the run up to Red Nose Day on Friday 15 March.  A donation of 5p from every PEZ Red Nose Day dispenser sold will be donated to Comic Relief.  They will certainly be creating quite a Jurassic Lark!

Comic Relief

The limited run of the special Red Nose Day PEZ characters means that they are likely to be highly sought after, especially among PEZ collectors enthusiasts and those looking to do their bit for Red Nose Day.

PEZ, Comic Relief

We were sent one to have a sneak peek at and they really are fabulous!  It's great to see a brand like PEZ getting behind Comic Relief and helping to raise money for this fantastic cause.  I'll definitely be buying my kids their own Red Nose Day PEZ characters this year - along with a nose and a load of other official merchandise.  It's a fun way of contributing, getting involved and getting the kids excited about Red Nose Day.

Comic Relief, PEZ

To get you in a Comic Relief mood, I'll leave you with my favourite dinosaur joke:

Why did the Archaeopteryx catch the worm? 

Because it was an early bird! 

Ha ha!!


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