Monday, 10 March 2014

New Galaxy Hot Chocolate Pouches

Galaxy have a great new range of chocolate drinks pouches that are fun and flexible. However you want your drink, this range is perfect for mixing and matching according to your mood.  Enjoy them hot or cold. Make with milk or water. Choose one with added chocolate pieces.  It's up to you!

The new range includes MARS hot or cold, GALAXY hot or cold, MILKY WAY MAGIC STARS with chocolate pieces, GALAXY RIPPLE with chocolate pieces, GALAXY CARAMEL add milk or water and MALTESERS add milk or water.

The treat size pouches include seven individual servings and are priced at £1.99 and are available from Asda and Tesco.  We were sent some to try out.

chocolate, hot chocolate

The Galaxy one is great for making milkshakes for the kids, whereas the Ripple one is a creamy, indulgent chocolatey drink that I love.  It's another way to enjoy the yummy Galaxy brand!

The seven serving treat sized pouches are convenient and ideal when travelling or on holiday.  Pop one in your case and enjoy seven cups of your favourite hot chocolate drink away from home.


  1. Ohh I like the look of those!! Especially the Magic Stars one....Yummy x

  2. Jill Stan Jones12 March 2014 at 10:54

    I have tried several of the hot chocolate pouches and, although the Cadburys variety was very nice, I still prefer and always use the Galaxy varieties. Makes a lovely bedtime drink. xxxxx



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