Friday, 18 December 2015

Wrapping Awkward Gifts - The Wrap Challenge with Musicroom

Wrapping the perfect present is not always easy! Especially if the present is something notoriously difficult to wrap, such as a football, a teddy bear or a musical instrument! Musicroom have made a series of funny videos highlighting just how difficult it is to wrap up instruments - such as the one below where a ukelele is the gift to be wrapped. Their message is that it's what's on the inside that counts, but a beautifully presented gift would definitely look better under the Christmas tree!


To test my gift wrapping ability, Musicroom have sent me my own Pure Tone ukelele and wrapping paper to see how well I can do. Now, I'm not the best wrapper in the world, but I think I can do better than the guy in the video!

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The Pure Tone ukelele is a great first instrument for a child, and it comes complete with its own carry bag and tuition book. Ukeleles are really popular at the moment, with lots of artists using them. The 21 Pilots do a fantastic cover of Can't Help Falling In Love played on a uke. The ukelele has certainly come a long way since the days of George Formby. Priced at just £22.95, the Pure Tone ukelele is a great little investment and a lovely Christmas present.

So, armed with the gift wrap and the ukelele, I set about making a presentable job of my gift wrapping, to disguise the gift inside.

This is the technique I used:

christmas, wrapping

Take a large sheet of quality gift wrap, long enough and wide enough for the ukelele.
Fold in both edges to the centre and tape together.
Fold up the bottom (making sure it'll still be long enough for the gift to go in.)
Open up the folded over end and fold in the two outer sides towards the centre.
Fold in the two other edges to close up the bottom.
Tape all edges together securely.
Slide the gift into the open top.
Fold over the top and punch holes through it with a hole punch.
Secure with ribbon.

This technique results in a securely packaged and good looking parcel that cleverly disguises the gift within. So now not only is this the perfect gift, it's perfectly wrapped too. Both the inside and the outside count!

You can find lots of great gift ideas for music lovers at who are currently offering free delivery or you can click and collect from any of their stores nationwide.


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