Saturday, 5 December 2015

Tetris Light - a great gift for kids, teens or the young at heart

A unique gift idea for kids, gamers and tech lovers

Fans of the classic Tetris video game will love the Tetris Light, a fascinating, colourful and stylish lamp available from Maplin. Made up of seven individual Tetrimino pieces, you can create your own combination of the shapes, which light up in a multicoloured array. Each Tetrimino piece is made up of squares measuring 4cm x 4cm that build together into countless configurations. The endless possibilities that the Tetris Light offers, allows you to create your lamp in the shape and design that you want.

The blue piece is plugged in using the mains adapter and forms the base to the lamp. When another piece comes into contact with the base piece it automatically lights up. The other pieces light up when they touch any other illuminated piece. Remove a piece from the lamp and its light goes out instantly. It's so clever and playing with the combinations is as addictive as the game of Tetris itself!


The lamp looks really cool and funky. It would look great in a teen's bedroom, games room or office setting. It would also be lovely to use in a kids' room, giving off a gentle, coloured light at bedtime. For younger children, it is worth bearing in mind that the pieces simply stack together and so the lamp can be knocked over quite easily.

The Tetris Light is a former winner of the Gift of the Year and after playing with it, I can see why. It is such an innovative product that combines an element of techy Tetris fun with the functionality of  a lamp. How it works is really fascinating and the lamp looks great when assembled. You can change the shape and configuration to suit your mood, and experimenting with the pieces is really quite stress relieving, making this a great novelty gift for young at heart executives too.


The Tetris Light is available from Maplin for £29.99. Check out Maplin's range of electronic goods to find the ideal gifts for loved ones this Christmas, from toys to audio equipment to cameras, for the technophiles and hobbyists in your life.


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