Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Christmas Chocolate Treats from Cadbury #freethejoy

Cadbury's Festive Chocolate

From chocolate tree decorations to chocolate Santas to boxes of treats to bags of Snow Bites, Cadbury have a range of festive confectionery that covers it all. All with the trademark purple colour and golden Cadbury logo, Cadbury products have been a quintessential part of Christmas for years.

The tree decorations are a Christmas must-have for me. Ever since my eldest was a little boy, hanging the chocolate decorations on the tree has become one of our traditions. Little Joe would seek out the foil wrapped treats and sneak the chocolate shapes from off the tree whenever he got a chance, leaving the strung foil wrapper behind as evidence of his choccie heist. Now Joe's son, my grandson Ted, is the chocolate tree decoration fiend, so I'll make sure that there are plenty of chocolates for him to find when he visits over Christmas.

The selection boxes, tubes of choclate and chocolate Santas make great stocking fillers or tree presents for all the family and are ideal gifts for the kids' school friends.


Cadbury Hot Chocolate

Nothing beats a lovely, warming hot chocolate on a cold winter's day - it's the ultimate in comfort. Cadbury Hot Chocolate delivers a mug full of joy by simply adding three heaped teaspoons of the chocolatey powder to a cup of hot milk. If you have a coffee machine with a steam arm, you can use it to make some fresh, frothy, foamy, fancy hot chocolate, just like they do in coffee shops.

hot chocolate

Adding flavoured syrups and topping with squirty cream, marshmallows, sprinkles or flakes, creates some incredibly indulgent festive, hot drinks. You can experiment with flavours and presentation to create your perfect Christmas Cadbury Hot Chocolate concoction.


As the Cadbury Drinking Chocolate does not contain milk, it is also ideal for anyone who avoids dairy products, by making it using soya, almond or coconut milk. In fact, using coconut milk adds an exotic twist to your hot chocolate, which is quite delicious.


Here is a recipe for a tasty festive twist on a classic hot chocolate using the barista method with a steam arm (but you can just as easily make it by adding the ingredients to hot milk and whisking together):

Minty Hot Chocolate

3 heaped teaspoons of Cadbury's Drinking Chocolate
200ml cold semi skimmed milk
20ml mint syrup

Mix together in a stainless steel jug, then heat and foam with a steam arm to approximately 70 degrees centigrade. Garnish with a sprig of mint for a fancy finish!

Look out for a Cadbury Advent surprise in a town near you

Be sure to follow the #Cadvent hashtag on Twitter or the Cadbury UK Facebook page to keep up to date with the Cadbury advent calendar truck that are appearing around the country bringing festive cheer to the people of Britain. Towns up and down the country such as Aylesbury, Peterborough and Liverpool have already enjoyed the Cadbury Christmas treatment as the advent calendar opened its festive doors revealing a special surprise treat for the locals. Will it come to a town near you?


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