Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Don't lose your Christmas memories - back 'em up!

66% of people have lost digital Christmas photographs according to a survey commissioned by Seagate. Losing precious videos or images, really can be devastating as they are totally irreplaceable. From accidental deleting to software problems, these virtual files can be lost unless they are backed up and stored safely. With only 13% of people bothering to print out their festive pics, safe storage is paramount if you want to preserve your Christmas memories.

Having images on just a camera or a phone is not enough. Imagine losing your device and everything on it. Thankfully, most people can back up images directly from a smartphone instantly, using a simple app. Files on laptops can be easily backed up to external hard drives or to a personal cloud storage device. Sharing to social media is also a good way of keeping extra copies of precious images online.

Remember though that storage is not an unlimited resource to be taken for granted. Do you really need twenty identical shots of the kids in front of the Christmas tree? Use storage sensibly and back-up your files effectively.

Here is our review of the Seagate Personal Cloud 2-Bay storage device, which is what we use to keep all of our precious photographs safe.

Seagate, infographic


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