Friday, 18 December 2015

UKTV Christmas TV Quiz

I love a good quiz and have been enjoying testing my knowledge in the online UKTV Christmas Quiz. You click to spin the wheel to choose one of the ten category segments, each one featuring questions based on a TV channel such as Dave, Gold, Eden, Good Food or Alibi. 

Christmas quiz

You then pick a difficulty level: easy for 10 points, medium for 20 points and hard for 30 points. You'll then be asked a multiple choice question based on a TV programme that features on the channel you've chosen.


Players start off with three lives and the aim of the game is to score the highest number of points across the maximum number of categories. Get a question wrong and you lose a life. Score in all ten channel categories to complete the game. You can share your results on Twitter and Facebook to impress your followers and friends!

It is fun to play alone or you can challenge your friends or family, where the person with the highest score wins. 


My personal high score is 200 points scored over 13 rounds in 5 different categories. That puts me in the top 67% of players so there is plenty of room for improvement. Apparently though, I'm pretty good at trivia based on TV shows on Dave - who knew? It gets quite addictive as I keep trying to beat my record. The quiz is purely for fun and the format reminds me of something you'd find on a TV quiz show, which is totally in keeping with the subject matter!

quiz, tv

This is a great TV quiz for keeping the grown-ups entertained over Christmas. Perfect for TV addicts who want to get involved in some healthy competition over the holidays.

Find the UKTV TV Christmas Quiz at


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