Monday, 7 December 2015

My Christmas Netflix Picks

I can hardly grasp the fact that it is already December and Christmas Day is less than three weeks away. So while I sit and wonder where 2015 has gone, I am getting myself into the Christmas spirit by watching some top festive entertainment on Netflix. I love cuddling up on the sofa under a blanket with some popcorn, to watch a Christmassy film with the family.

Check these movies out now and join in with the Netflix festive fun.

A Christmas Carol 

Jim Carrey voices Ebenezer Scrooge in this 2009 Disney version of the classic A Christmas Carol. Mean, cruel and miserly Scrooge learns the power of opening his heart after being confronted by three ghosts on Christmas Eve, that show him the error of his wicked ways. It's quite dark and a little bit scary in parts, but the message is still as relevant today as it was when Dickens first penned this classic tale.

Santa Clause

Tim Allen stars in this great festive comedy. When he accidentally kills Santa he evokes the Santa Clause and has to take the place of St Nick himself. There are lots of laughs, especially as Allen's waistband expands and his beard grows to suit the role.

Jingle all the Way

Arnie plays a desperate dad trying to buy his son the must-have toy for Christmas. On his way he encounters a stressed out mailman, played by Sinbad, and it becomes a meteoric battle of wits as they try to get their hands on a Turbo Man action figure. There is lots of slapstick comedy and some hilarious action as they go to extraordinary lengths to get the toy. The finale is just fabulous and you get to see Arnie dressed as a superhero!

Home Alone

This Macaulay Culkin classic is such a timeless movie, that each of my children has in turn loved watching it over the last twenty years. Now it's Freddy's turn to watch Kevin's elaborate plan to defend his home against the bungling burglars, after being left home alone at Christmas. It's slapstick, it's funny and it has just the right amount of sentimentality to give it real heart. It's a Christmas must-see movie.

Mickey's Once Upon A Christmas

Join Mickey and friends as they star in three festive stories: Mickey and Minnie's Gift of the Magi, Donald Duck Stuck On Christmas and A Very Goofy Christmas. In the Gift of the Magi, Mickey and Minnie both try to get each other the perfect gift for Christmas even if it means parting with something they love. In Stuck on Christmas, Huey, Dewey and Louie relive Christmas over and over again in a Groundhog Day time loop until they appreciate the true meaning of Christmas. In A Very Goofy Christmas, Goofy and Max are awaiting Santa's arrival while neighbour Pete mocks them for believing. But Pete soon has to eat his words. It's great Disney storytelling that keeps little ones happily entertained.


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