Friday, 26 April 2013

Win One Of 20 £500 Red Letter Day Vouchers With Carex

Carex is a brand that we swear by here Inside the Wendy House.  The anti-bacterial hand washes and gels have been helping to keep our hands germ-free for years!  With a bottle of hand wash in our bathrooms and a hand gel kept in my hand bag, we can keep our hands clean wherever we are and whatever we do.

This year Carex celebrates its 20th birthday, and to celebrate has launched a nationwide competition to reward 20 pairs of busy hands around the UK.  The Carex Live Life Hands On Awards celebrate all the wonderful things that we do with our hands everyday.

hand wash
Carex Handwash

Carex wants people to share a day in the life of their hands, showcasing the real life moments that hands unlock, every single day.  So as a busy parent that may entail washing up, doing the laundry, crafting with the kids, feeding the baby, cooking dinner or playing Candy Crush Saga on Facebook (you know it's true)!!  Gardeners, nurses, lollipop ladies, mechanics, school teachers or bakers all have hands that tell stories, and Carex is inviting everyone to show them the amazing things that we do by entering with a couple of sentences, a short written diary, some photos or even video footage.

Hands Grabbing Popcorn!!

Carex will pick 20 of the most compelling entries to each win £500 worth of Red Letter Day vouchers, plus a year’s supply of Carex hand wash.  The Red Letter Day vouchers can be spent on anything from a complete chill-out weekend at a luxurious spa, an adventure trip with a partner to a family weekend with the kids. It's a fabulous prize! To enter The Carex Live Life Hands On Awards visit and fill out the form.  Then keep those fingers crossed!



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