Thursday, 25 April 2013

Thirty Years of Change

Special K has changed for the first time in thirty years, launching a brand new, more wholesome recipe for their breakfast cereal.  Now made with not two but three grains - rice, wheat and barley - it contains wholegrains with 8 added vitamins and iron and has only 2% fat per portion.  The delicious, crisp flakes deliver a tasty and nutritious breakfast.  It is apparently a favourite of the Queen and Lady Gaga who clearly know how to enjoy a healthy start to the day!  It is definitely my favourite cereal served with almond milk, and the new recipe tastes great.


Yesterday was my 44th birthday so thirty years ago I was 14 years old.  I was an awkward, tall, slim schoolgirl, insecure and unsure of what lay ahead.  How would three decades change me?

Whereas Special K has gained an extra grain, I have gained some extra pounds since 1983 (so I may not be planning to sport that iconic red swimsuit anytime soon). However, like Special K, thirty years of changes hasn't changed what lies at the very heart of me.

time, change

What would I have thought had I known that in 30 years time I would be married to that lad from my English class that I had a crush on (and not John Taylor from Duran Duran!)?  That we would five wonderful kids and a gorgeous grandson together!?  That I would be, by choice, a stay at home mum, rather than have a high flying, jet-setting career of my own?!   That I'd escape city life for a rural existence?!  I don't think 14 year old me would be expecting these things in her future.

So many things are so different now.  The world has changed around me.  

I used to keep a written diary in 1983, recording the trials and tribulations of a teenager growing up in the eighties.

Now I run my blog recording the trials and tribulations of being a middle aged mum in 2013.

I used to take photos on my 110 camera and get my films developed, waiting anxiously for the postman to deliver my pics to see if any of the 24 prints were worth keeping.  

Now I use my mobile phone to take pics, edit them on Instagram and upload them all to the internet in an instant.

Back then, Bauhaus, Marillion, Bowie, Blondie and Meatloaf played on my record player, as the needle ran across the vinyl of the 12" LP's.  In my bedroom I'd sing along to my favourite tracks as I imagined myself on stage, performing alongside my musical idols.  

Today I have the same artists on my iPod alongside an X Factor winner, a reformed boyband from the 90s, some Justin Fletcher for the kids, The Killers (my musical tastes have been influenced by my teenager) and some  Andrew Lloyd Webber musical numbers.  I sing along in my car on the school runs. Some self-hypnosis weight loss MP3s are tucked away on there too...not very rock and roll!

In 1983, on our Radio Rentals TV I'd watch Blackadder and The Young Ones as I discovered the joys of the alternative comedians. The Tube introduced me to new bands and I loved it when they'd host the first UK showing of a new music video at midnight and I'd be allowed to stay up to watch it.  Having to tolerate watching Allo Allo, Game for a Laugh and The Paul Daniels Magic Show with my parents was painful, but I secretly enjoyed Blankety Blank!

Nowadays Dexter, American Horror Story, Revenge and Modern Family grace our 55" 3D plasma screen (alongside CBeebies, Nickolodeon and the Disney Channel when the kids gain control of the remote control - which is most of the time).

I used to read James Herbert and Stephen King books, flicking through the yellowing pages of the second hand books I'd acquired.  I still do this...Kindles are just not the same!  

I used to be pretty shy...I still am if I'm honest.  But I now have the confidence that comes with age and experience to carry me through most situations.  I'm not afraid to go for what I want in life and don't worry about what other people think.   

I used to wonder what my purpose was.  Why was I here?  But ever since becoming a wife and mother, and having my incredible family, I have fully understood the meaning of life!


This is my entry for the BritMums/Special KHow I’ve Changed Linky Challenge” #SpecialK30  


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