Monday, 22 April 2013

Poppy Cat and the Woodland Trust Launch Outdoor Adventure Campaign for Families

The UK’s leading woodland conservation charity, the Woodland Trust, is partnering with the Nick Jr's Poppy Cat, to launch an outdoor campaign for pre-schoolers with an adventure platform for its VisitWoods website for one month from 19th April 2013.

woodlands hosts information on over 11,000 UK woods that are open to the public. Poppy Cat content has been created for the site with downloadable activity materials focusing on ‘Mystery Trail Adventures’ - especially for children aged 2-6 years to engage them during family outings to the woods.  Now Spring has finally sprung it is the perfect time to venture out on a woodland family adventure.
Nick Jr

Simone Ashley-Norman, Woodland Trust, says, “You are never too young to visit a wood and our partnership with Poppy Cat will enable families across the country to get outdoors this spring and make the most of our beautiful native woodlands. makes finding and visiting woods as straightforward as possible, for all ages and abilities, so there’s no excuse to stay indoors!”
Michael Dee, Director of Content at Coolabi, the producers of Poppy Cat, adds, “Poppy Cat is an adventurer who is often embarking on journeys to the woods with her friends. This provides a natural link to VisitWoods and we are pleased to partner with the Woodland Trust to provide exciting content for children and families to make their everyday adventures extraordinary!”
nick jr

To support the Woodland Trust partnership and allow Poppy Cat fans to continue the adventure at home, Nick Jr. are airing nature-themed Poppy Cat episodes every day from the 18th April at 7.15pm for two weeks.  There will also be campaign content at alongside Poppy Cat clips, games and activities.
Poppy Cat, starring the voice of Joanna Page, is based on the award-winning books created by Lara Jones. Pre-schoolers love Poppy Cat's exciting adventures which unleash young imaginations leading to unexpected discoveries. 

For more information on the Nick Jr pre-school series or the Woodland Trust Poppy Cat campaign, please visit /, or become a fan of Poppy Cat’s on Facebook ( and Twitter ( 
Older brothers and sisters can also discover more age appropriate activities via the Woodland Trust’s Nature Detectives initiative –

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