Thursday, 25 April 2013

30 Money Saving Ideas

On the 30th anniversary of the £1 coin, are challenging bloggers to each come up with thirty money saving ideas, with one lucky winner drawn at random to win £1000 (doubled to £2000 if they receive 1000 or more money saving ideas!)  

So here are my top 30 tips for saving the pennies! 

1:  Squeeze every last drop from your toothpaste tube, shampoo bottle or shower gel before throwing away.

2:  Stock up on essentials when they are on special offer or BOGOF.

3:  Try store's own make products instead of top brands.

4:  Take packed lunches instead of buying food out.

5:  Keep a refillable bottle for water to take out and about...buying bottled drinks is so expensive.

6:  Sign up to Swagbuck's and earn Amazon vouchers online doing surveys, polls and playing games.

7:  Use price comparison sites when shopping for insurance, utilities etc.

8:  Sign up to Quidco to earn cash back on online purchases.

9:  Get the kids to make homemade cards for loved ones' birthdays and special occasions.  They cost a fraction of the price of shop bought cards and will be hugely appreciated!


10: Search  charity shops for bargains.  Brilliant for vintage finds!

11:  Don't throw away toys that your kids have got bored with.  Organise a swap with another mum for a toy their child no longer wants.

12:  Takeaways cost a fortune.  Ditch the Chinese/Indian/Pizza and cook your own.  It can be a lot of fun!

13:  Swap DVDs with friends.  They are bound to have something you want to see and vice versa.  You can then enjoy a free film night.

14:  Collect rainwater in a bucket to water the plants.

15:  Use the backs of old envelopes to write shopping lists instead of using a notepad.

16:  Make a weekly meal plan and shopping list for frugal family meals and stick to it to save money on the grocery shop.  Be disciplined, avoid impulse buys or nipping to the shops midweek for extras.

17:  Don't throw away leftovers from dinner.  Put them in a box and freeze them for homemade ready meals.

18:  If you have vegetables left over in the fridge at the end of the week, don't bin them, boil them up to make a healthy veggie soup or stew.

19: Leave the car at home when you are making short trips - save fuel, get fit!

20:  Turn your heating thermostat down and pop on an extra layer instead.

21:  "Dirty Out" clothing with one extra wear.  Less laundry, less water, less detergent, less money spent.

22:  Sell unwanted things through Ebay, Music Magpie or at local car boot sales.

23:  Home baking is a great activity to do with the kids and is much cheaper than buying expensive shop bought baked goods if you use economy ingredients.


24:  When the kids' jeans get too short, cut them down to make funky summer cut-off denim shorts.

25:  Search online for money-saving discount codes and vouchers, on sites such as

26:  Give discount stores such as Poundland a try when shopping for essentials.  There are some great deals to be had on grocery products, toiletries and cleaning products.


27:  Instead of expensive branded cleaning products, try using a solution of vinegar in a spray bottle.  It is an effective cleaner, deodoriser, disinfectant and glass polish, costing just pennies.

28:  Visit your supermarket just before closing time and you can pick up some great bargains that are reduced for quick sale.  Bakery items and some fresh produce can be frozen and used over the following weeks.

29:  If your car needs any work doing to it, check for secondhand parts on Ebay first.  We picked up a secondhand petrol tank for my daughter's car for £25 when a new one cost £700.  Then you just need to pay for the mechanic's labour.

30:  "Find a penny pick it up!"  Keep an eye out for loose change in pockets, under the sofa or even on the floor.  Pop it into a jar or money box and very quickly you will have enough to bank.  Every single penny counts when you are saving money!

If you want to enter your own money saving ideas for a chance to win £1000, visit for full details, terms and conditions.


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