Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Melody Xylophone Review

Plan Toys is an eco-friendly brand that really believes in the environmentally friendly methods in which their toys are produced. For more than thirty years they have used innovation and creativity to manufacture  products in the greenest, most socially responsible way possible, minimizing their impact on our planet.  Their toys are both beautiful and durable.

Freddy was sent a Melody Xylophone to try out.  It produces musical sounds true to pitch from the eight brightly coloured bars. Musical sheets are also included featuring popular songs that children can learn to play.  It also helps children to recognise colours as they learn to play the colour coded notes on the sheets, and familiarises them to the concept of written music.

musical instrument

I love the beautifully simple, curved wooden design of the Xylophone.  There are no fancy embellishments to distract from this fabulous starter instrument.  It provides a great introduction to playing an instrument, teaching pre-schoolers auditory and musical skills and developing their fine motor skills.  It is a true classic and a wonderful addition to the toybox.

The wooden mallet fits neatly and securely into the back of the xylophone in a clever little holder for storage, which I think is a brilliant idea, keeping it all together between uses.

Freddy had a go at following the coloured notes and understood that the solid colours were one beat and the   notes that were just outlined were two beats.  He liked listening to the pitch of the different coloured bars as he banged them in order from low to high and back again.   But most of all he enjoyed free styling and rocking some crazy improvised xylophone tunes!

Plan Toys are available to buy on Amazon.


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