Friday, 5 April 2013

Colour Splasherz Purse Set Review

Colour Splasherz is the cool jewellery range that you can transform with water. Dip the beads in warm water and watch as the colour of the beads instantly changes. Then when you want to change back simply dip in cold water and reverse to its original colour. The jewels will keep their colour until you reverse the temperature. There's so many different patterns to create and effects to design by dipping between the warm and cold water!  Kizzy enjoyed experimenting with techniques such as using ice cubes to draw on the beads.

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The Colour Spalsherz carrying case keeps everything together neatly when not in use. It opens up to become a water container for the hot and cold water needed to dip and design the beads.  It has a built in strainer so you can get creative without too much mess.  It is a very sensibly designed set with everything being integral. The set includes enough beads to make two necklaces and two bracelets.
1 x Purse Carrying Case set that opens into a dunking station with built- in strainer
2 x Colour Splasherz pendants with settings
10 x Large Colour Splasherz beads
90 x plain beads
Stickers for masking areas
2 bracelet and 2 necklace cords with built in lanyards 

The finished result can be worn as a pendant or bracelet.  If you get tired of the design, you can simply re-dip it into water and start again.

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Find out more at Character Online
RRP £12.99


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