Monday, 29 April 2013

Toy Story 4Kids Fruit Pots

Crosse and Blackwell's Toy Story 4Kids Fruit Pots are the perfect addition to lunchboxes.  Individual pots contain real fruit juice jelly containing pieces of fruit and provide one of your five a day.  They are free from artificial colours and preservatives, and are also suitable for vegetarians. Each pot features a Toy Story character: Woody, Buzz, Jessie, Rex, Bullseye or the Alien.  They even come with their own little foldable spoon making a convenient anytime, anywhere snack.


Freddy and Kizzy both enjoyed the fruity pots of jelly (and I may have enjoyed a Mandarin Jelly myself!)  The only hurdle we came across were that they are a bit tough to get into, so a child may struggle without some grown-up help, if having one in their school lunchbox.  The foldable spoon is a very clever addition that the kids thought was great.  

Each pot is packed with fruit pieces so fruit lovers will enjoy them very much.  The flavour is quite natural and not too sweet or at all synthetic tasting, which we liked.  They are priced at 65p each.

Fruit pots

They come in six fruity flavours:

Apple Pieces in Raspberry Jelly
Mandarin Segments in Mandarin Jelly
Mixed Fruit in Strawberry Jelly
Peach Pieces in Peach Jelly
Peach Pieces in Strawberry Jelly
Pineapple Pieces in Pineapple Jelly



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