Saturday, 7 April 2012

The Quinny Yezz at Disneyland

The Quinny Yezz was the perfect stroller for Disneyland Paris with a toddler...compact for packing in the car, lightweight for carrying up and down stairs, manoeuvrable in crowds, easy to carry with the shoulder strap  when not in use and freestanding when folded for leaving in Buggy Parks.  The handy pocket is really spacious for snacks, drinks and waterproofs, and the seat is comfy enough for a nap when the magic of Disney gets too much!!

Yezz, Quinny, Disneyland
Ready For Disney
Yezz, Quinny, Disneyland Paris, Cinderella's Castle
By Cinderella's Castle...snoozing!
Quinny Yezz, lollipops, Disney
Enjoying a Disney Lolly!
Quinny Yezz, Disney, King Louie
Even King Louie wanted the Yezz!!
Quinny Yezz, Disney, sleeping, snoozing


  1. You definitely need a stroller for Disney... Everyone needs a nap now and then x

  2. It sounds as though the Quinny Yezz was a godsend and I have to say Freddy looks very comfortable. What lovely pics of the children in Disneyland.



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