Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Getting Messy with Moon Dough

Moon Dough Fun Pack

Moon Dough by Spinmaster is marketed as a magical, less mess dough that never dries out.  Sounds good!  We were sent a Moon Dough Fun Pack to try out to see what we thought.  Tiny Tester Freddy put it to the test.

The carry case comes with a piece of red, blue and yellow dough along with a selection of moulds and tools.  A removable section of lid has ten moulds of party related items such as food, cake and presents.  There are two dog moulds, a 3D apple mould, a birthday cake and potato mould, curly cutter, pie cutter and a dough flattener.

The dough itself is strangely textured like a dense foam or compacted powder.  When you squish it together it becomes manageable and easily goes into the moulds.  It is very dry to touch and doesn't stick, so it drops out of the moulds shaped with good detail, making modelling very easy, even for Freddy who is nearly three years old. The models hold their shape really well so little ones can indulge in some pretend play with the characters, animals or food they create.

moon dough

Freddy was really engaged with this activity.  It did get messy with little bits all over the floor, but they were easy to pick up using a big blob of moon dough.  The bits didn't stick onto the laminate or into the carpet which was a real plus when it came to tidying up.  A quick once over with a hoover cleaned up the bits I'd missed.  By far his favourite activity was using the curly cutter to chop everything up into tiny pieces!

moon dough

After Freddy played with it we ended up with mix and match rainbow dough with the colours all mixed together.  It actually looked quite pretty!  

moon dough

Everything fits neatly back into the case and the dough doesn't go hard.  You just squeeze it and it regains its durable texture.  

The Moon Dough Fun Pack is a good activity for kids aged 3 and up.  The different shaped moulds give scope for discussions about  the objects and colours aiding language development.  The textured dough is a great medium for sensory play.  It seems more durable and less messy than play-doh or plasticine, and works better with moulds.  It also stays much cleaner too.  However, this is still a relatively messy activity so don't be lulled into a false sense of security...have your Hoover at the ready!

My only real irk with this product is the packaging which depicts children creating amazingly coloured models using way more dough than is included in the packaging.  I always find that kind of marketing a bit misleading...just show us what we're getting please manufacturers!  

The Moon Dough Fun Pack retails for £12.99 RRP which is a good price considering all the accessories including the storage case that it comes with.  Other playsets are available with different tools so you can add to your collection.  Moon Dough sets are available from Argos, Asda, The Entertainer, Amazon and Play.

This review has been done on behalf of who sent Freddy the Moon Dough.


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