Thursday, 19 April 2012

Buying Presents for Teenagers

Gift Ideas for the Teen in Your Life

As children grow up and turn into teenagers, they can become increasingly difficult to buy presents for. Their likes and dislikes can become unpredictable and hard to keep up with from one week to the next. This creates a quandary when a family member seeks a gift for them. At this time of year, I begin to get phone calls from relatives and friends trying to decide what to buy for my daughter Ella, who has her sixteenth birthday coming up.  So here are some ideas for what to buy for the teen in your life!

One sort of gift that is never wrong for a teenager are gadget gifts. Today’s younger generation is totally savvy with all of the latest technology. Every teenager these days has their hands on the latest phone. Why not get them a personalised case? It’s a present that they’re bound to love if you use one of their favourite photographs. Just take a sneaky peek on their Facebook profile to find the perfect shot, then visit a website such as Getting Personal to have it printed directly onto a case .  A phone case is also really practical, as a teens' phone often takes quite a lot of abuse!  The case will help to protect their precious phone, and possibly save you from having to buy them a new one if it gets dropped!

If your teen is into their music, why not get them the latest funky gadget for their room? The new i-Music pillow means that they can listen to music via their pillow without any headphones. Quite a lot of teens (including mine) like to listen to music as they go to sleep so this can be the ideal solution.  They can lie down and relax as they listen to their favourite bands without waking the whole house up!

Another great idea for gifts for girls is an antique style personalised trinket. Vintage items are really popular and fashionable these days.  If your daughter loves vintage style, why not get her an antique style engraved jewelry box.   Most teens have a collection of baubles, bangles, beads and bling that is crying out for a storage solution.   The personalisation will transform this practical gift into a treasured keepsake that will be cherished and appreciated for years to come.

Failing this, don't forget that teens love to eat!  A Retro Sweet Hamper filled with classic favourites or indeed anything chocolate coated will always be greatly appreciated by any teenager!


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