Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Hacky Sack

Hacky Sack for Football Skills, Fitness and Fun!

Hacky Sack from Wham-O are a fun way of learning ball skills and keeping fit.  These little bean bag style balls have been around for 40 years but are making a big comeback.

The Hacky Sack are hand sewn foot bags.   We were sent a three panel Impact foot bag in green and black and a fourteen panel Striker foot bag in black and white.  Both are perfect for skills practice (with keepy-ups made much easier).  You can learn tricks or simply toss and catch them!  You can play on your own or with friends. There are so many ways to play with your Hacky Sack, it is a simple toy, but very versatile.

Freddy is nearly three so wasn't really able to demonstrate the keepy-up skills that make playing with a Hacky Sack so impressive.  However he was able to throw, toss, catch, balance and kick the Hacky Sack
with great control.  He is definitely developing some 'tricks' and improving his hand eye co-ordination and motor skills.  Because they are soft and don't roll away they are great for little ones to practice ball skills.  

Hacky Sack, ball skills

Big brother Joe is coming to visit at the weekend and we are looking forward to challenging him to impress us with his football skills.  How many keepy-ups will he be able to perform?  With scope to use the inside and outside edge of your feet, kicking and stalling the ball and alternating feet, I'm hoping I'll get to learn a few tricks myself. 

The Hacky Sacks are a good little toy to help get the kids (and grown-ups) fit.  In fact  playing with one for an hour burns up to 240 calories.

The Hacky Sacks retail for around £3.99 so are perfect pocket money toys.  They come in a variety of designs and are really good simple fun!


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