Sunday, 15 April 2012

Mario Party 9 Review

Mario Party 9 on the Nintendo Wii...Fun for all the Family!

The ninth instalment of the Mario Party gaming series for the Nintendo Wii is now available.  The colourful characters and lush Mushroom Kingdom landscapes provide the perfect setting for some fabulous family fun.

Mario Party 9, Wii, Nintendo, family games

In a change from its predecessors, Mario Party 9 has opportunities for teamwork as the characters travel around the playing board together in a vehicle collecting mini-stars, each taking turns to captain the team.  You can compete in eighty Mini-Games, many of which are suitable for younger players allowing them to join in the fun and keeping the party atmosphere going for everyone.  Everyone unites against the bosses who are Bowser's minions who are trying to steal the stars.  This common goal makes for a much more relaxed gaming atmosphere which is more family friendly.  There is no cut-throat competitiveness which is something that I really liked. The characters' animations and antics really are quite adorable and kept the kids entertained.  

There is a solo mode on this game, but the real joy of it is the party mode which is for up to four players.  The mix of co-operation and competition is just right for keeping the atmosphere relaxed and fun for everyone.  And as many games are purely down to chance, the playing field is levelled for younger children to participate in.

We were sent the game to try out along with ideas to have a real 'Mario Party' Party!  The Super Mario hat was a big hit!  

nintendo, wii, mario, mario party 9

Daddy, Ella and Kizzy joined forces in the whimsical adventures of Mario, Toad, Daisy, Peach, Koopa and friends as they journeyed across the boards, battled Bowser and competed in fun mini-games.  Freddy joined in too by cheering them on and wearing Mario's hat.  He loved the characters and the iconic Mario soundtrack to the game.

Mario, Wii, Nintendo, Mario Party 9

It really was a lot of fun.  Kizzy said "Some of the mini games are a bit tricky, but it is really fun and a lot of laughs!"

wii, nintendo, Mario

Ella did rather well in a lot of the games.  She enjoyed it better than Mario Party 8 and enjoyed playing with her younger siblings.  She is quite a gamer and had a solo game against the computer, which she enjoyed winning!

Mario Party 9, Nintendo, Wii

Ian enjoyed the family fun element of the game.  It made a nice change from his usual shoot 'em up genre of gaming and he said it was "a bit of fun, great to play with the kids!"

Mario, Mario Party 9, Nintendo, Wii

Mario Party 9 was definitely great fun for the family and good for mixed aged and ability players. Removing some of the more cut-throat elements and incorporating team work into the gameplay is definitely a step in the right direction for our family, but might make this game a bit too 'gentle' for more ardent gamers!

It is available to purchase for the Nintendo Wii now.


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