Thursday, 12 April 2012

Wear It! Wave It! Win With It!

Official Team GB Olympic and Paralympic Supporters' Scarf by Next

Next have launched the historic must-have for the London 2012 Olympic Games.  The stylish scarf has been designed as a tribute to Team GB and is a lasting iconic memento of this momentous occasion.  It is a statement of support and involvement.

The intricate patterns incorporated in the scarf represent the athletes, the events, symbols of our nation, representations of the supporters, the date of the Olympics and a GB map.  It is truly a piece of art.

Available as a 90cm or 50cm square, the scarf can be worn or waved with pride.

Next, Olympics, London 2012, Paralympics

There is also a Paralympics design representing the 'talent, pride and determination' of the GB team with 'ice in their minds and fire in their belly'.  The hand painted lion symbolizes this, and the sixty hands represent the sixty million supporters of our greatest team. The large size costs £10, the smaller size costs £5.

Everyone purchasing an official Olympic or Paralympic scarf from Next can post a photograph of themselves wearing it to win prizes, including hugely coveted Olympic London 2012 tickets.

Olympics, Paralympics, London 2012, Team GB

Check out the Wear It! Wave It! Win With It! page for more details.

Next sent me a scarf to try out and here is how Kizzy wore it!

Paralympics, Olympics, London 2012, Scarf, Next

All profits from the sale of every scarf go to support our athletes in the quest for Olympic and Paralympic glory.  


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