Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Another Proud Mummy Moment

My Daughter Passed Her Driving Test!

As a mum, when your child achieves a milestone it is such a proud moment.  The first tooth, the first step and the first day at school are all moments which punctuate your child's journey, and each one becomes etched in your memory bank as a proud mother!  As your children get older, the milestones may be different but they still bring the same level of pride.  

Today, my daughter Megan passed her driving test at her first attempt.  She has done it all on her own, finding an instructor, organising lessons and ultimately passing her test in the incredibly congested city of Manchester!  Negotiating four laned roads, huge roundabouts, contra-flow systems and masses of traffic lights, pedestrian crossings and bus lanes...she took the hazardous route in her stride.

milestones, driving test, Manchester, driving

This milestone will open up opportunities for her, make job hunting easier when she graduates this year and give her greater independence for the next step of her life.  I am so proud of her, her maturity and her attitude.  Well done Megan...however grown-up you get you will always swell my heart with utter pride and joy.  I love you!!


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