Monday, 10 November 2014

Happy Birthday Megan - My Inspirational Daughter

Today, 23 years ago, I gave birth to my eldest daughter Megan.  My pregnancy was not easy.  I suffered from pre-eclampsia and was hospitalised several times.  At one point, a routine ante-natal appointment ended up with an emergency trip to hospital, because they couldn't find her heartbeat.  I was warned to fear the worst, and I went over and over in my head how I was going to explain to my three year old son, that his long awaited baby sister wouldn't be coming home.  But my beautiful baby was a determined, feisty and tenacious girl with a strong will to make it into this world alive and kicking.  And that she did.  Her determination, feistiness and tenacity have remained defining characteristics of her personality ever since.

daughter, baby girl

Over the years, Megan has proved her strength of character and her determination to succeed over and over again.  At school, her hard working attitude and intelligence was recognised from an early age and resulted in her going up to secondary school when she was still only 10 years old.

tap dancing

University followed when she was just 17 studying Business and Management, and at just 20 years old she started an independent life living in Manchester, putting her degree to good use.

beautiful girl

Megan applies the same positive attitude to her personal life and embraces every opportunity to get out there, have fun and experience new things with gusto, while her working life shows that she is a force to be reckoned with, and proves that she has no fear when it comes to pursuing her dreams.  She is such a people person with so much confidence that nothing holds her back when it comes to working a room or meeting a client. Whatever Megan does, she goes big!

city girl

My daughter is an absolute inspiration to me.  She personifies everything I always aspired to be, and is living the sort of life I dreamed of when I was younger.  My life took a very different path, but I do not regret the fact that I didn't get to embrace opportunities like she does.  My path lead to early motherhood and the honour of parenting my five wonderful children. Helping them to grow and flourish has been the role that has defined me through my adult life.

Being Megan's mum is something I am so incredibly proud of.  Watching her succeed and live such a full and exciting life brings me so much happiness. Knowing I helped her to get there is just so humbling and brings meaning to the choices I made when I was her age and pregnant with her.

I love hearing her stories, such as the one where she had some cheeky banter with John Hurt on the set of the film she helped produce or where she turned down the chance to date a soap actor because he was a bit dull or where her netball team won their first league match 25 - 4 and played at the Manchester Velodrome, It's so exciting to watch my little girl spread her wings, blossom and win at life.

Even though she has a rich, busy and exciting life, Megan always has time for her family, which I think is the one of her most wonderful qualities.  I am so grateful to have such a close and loving family around me.

siblings, girls

So happy birthday to my amazing daughter.  May you continue to embrace everything that life brings and may you continue to make your beautiful, Megan shaped mark on the world.  You make it a better place.


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