Friday, 28 November 2014

Everybody Learns - Lexia Reading and Writing Workbooks

Lexia Reading and Writing workbooks are a part of a programme designed by primary and special needs teachers.  They make a progressive scheme of work based on the acquisition of phonic knowledge and are structured to provide repetition and revision of exercises to aid a child's learning. They include black and white line drawings that younger children can enjoy colouring in and the engaging tone of the books encourages children to learn.

I was sent a set of Lexia Reading and Writing Books for Young Children Levels 1-4.  Freddy is in Year One and remains a bit of a reluctant learner.  He has been hindered by his eye problems, and has been playing catch up since September but is at last making some progress.  So this set of workbooks is a perfect resource to use at home in order to help his progression.

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The eight workbooks include pages dedicated to the learning of phonics, vocabulary and reading. Dotted letters allow little hands to trace letters using the correct formation before they go on to write lower and upper case letters independently.  Beginning with writing initial letters of CVC words, children build up to writing full words and then sentences. Children get to say, see and write the words and sentences, consolidating their knowledge and leading them towards being independent and confident readers and writers.

Lexia Reading and Writing Books for Young Children Levels 1-4

Freddy, although still not enthusiastic about learning to read and write, is enjoying having a chance to work through this comprehensive program that compliments what he learns at school.  It is reassuring for me as a parent to know I can help him at this important time, when he is struggling with the basics.

Freddy is bright and articulate but the penny is quite late in dropping when it comes to literacy! Knowing that he will be tested in year one, and that this result may affect how he is regarded academically in the future, makes me question the whole education system in how it fails to treat each child as an individual. I'm grateful that his school and his class teacher do what they can to give each child a more holistic education, but with policy being what it is, I feel that I have a responsibility to help my son do the best he can.  It's good to know that there are such comprehensive programmes on the market.

Lexia Reading and Writing Books for Young Children Levels 1-4

The eight pack of workbooks of 45-49 pages includes two books for each level, progressing to being able to write and spell two syllable words and read multi-page stories and do comprehension questions.

The books go alongside the Lexia Home Reading Course which is a subscription based reading program  for children.

The books are £24.99 for the set of eight books.  Find out more at


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