Sunday, 2 November 2014

Angel Delight Memories and Zombie's Delight Dessert

Being a child of the seventies, I can remember many iconic things that coloured my life during the decade.  Some of my favourites include spacehoppers, roller skates, my brown flared trousers with embroidered bottoms, Fingerbobs, the much coveted wind up Evel Knievel toys, Mousetrap and Angel Delight.

Angel Delight Memories

I remember helping my mum in the kitchen when I was a little girl.  She'd wear her headscarf and her pinny and would often quote the late, great Fanny Craddock, telling me that a well scrubbed pair of hands was a cook's best tool.  Mum was a traditional cook making apple pies, rice puddings, hot pots, roast dinners and shepherd's pies for our family. But one of the things I remember most fondly from my childhood mealtimes is Angel Delight!  It was a super quick and easy treat that seemed so sophisticated to my young mind.  Seriously, the first time I tried the light, fluffy, pink, strawberry flavoured dessert, I was in heaven.  I loved the taste and texture.  It was just so luxurious, unlike anything I had ever tasted before.  Mum used to serve it in our 'posh' glass bowls, elevating its status in my eyes as something very fancy.  Having a blob of cream and a sprinkle of hundreds and thousands on top was the real pinnacle of pudding pleasures.

If I helped my mum make it, which involved energetically whisking it using a hand held whisk until it thickened, I got the privilege of licking the bowl.  I recall sweeping my fingers through the smears of pink deliciousness and licking up every scrap. It kept me going while waiting for my bowl of Angel Delight to chill in the fridge.

Angel Delight was a real teatime treat and the memories of my childhood days are still easily evoked simply by its taste and smell.

Angel Delight Memories

Nowadays, Angel Delight remains on the menu as a store cupboard staple, which we  use to make different puddings.  Sometimes, Angel Delight really hits the spot! The kids love 'trifle' made using a layer of Angel Delight over a layer of jelly and topped with whipped cream.  We also pop it in the freezer and serve it like an ice cream dessert with sliced banana.  You can even use it to make a milkshake. It's a quick and easy versatile treat for busy families to enjoy.

It's so lovely seeing my own childhood favourite being enthusiastically enjoyed by my own children. Angel Delight have just launched a brand new flavour, Bubblegum, to the range.  The thought of this made Kizzy's eyes light up, so we need to try some out. It's definitely on my shopping list! (Unfortunately I wasn't quick enough to get a free sample from Britmums!)

This Halloween was the perfect opportunity to serve up some Angel Delight in a fun way! Strawberry Angel Delight and strawberry jelly are a perfect pairing. With a spooky twist we made Zombie's Delight...complete with wobbly brains!

Angel Delight Memories

Freddy, while dressed as a ghoul,  happily helped make the Angel Delight, just as I used to help my mum back in the 70s. He helped use the electric whisk, which is a much easier method than the whisking by hand that we did in my childhood.

We made the jelly in a brain shaped mould and Freddy surrounded it with chilled globs of Angel Delight and white chocolate buttons to make a creepy but delicious dessert that looked like bodily brains and bits and bobs. Freddy and I may have licked out the bowl afterwards - I wonder if in 40 years time he will remember doing this with me, in the same way that I remember doing it with my own mum?  It's lovely knowing that I am making memories with my own children.

Angel Delight Memories

We served up a spoonful of jelly with one of the blobs of Angel Delight into Halloween bowls, and it went down an absolute treat.  Freddy calls Angel Delight 'Pink Fluff Pudding' which I think is a really cute and apt description!

Angel Delight Memories

Ella, at 18, still loves Angel Delight and uses it as a cheeky snack while away at university.  It's perfect for students for when they want a yummy sweet snack that reminds them of home!  As she was home for Halloween, she enjoyed sharing in her little brother's scary dessert, while dressed as Twisty the Clown!  Definitely a future memory in the making right there!

Angel Delight Memories

For 40 years Angel Delight has been a treat that I have enjoyed.  My children enjoy it and it remains one of our favourites when a quick and easy pudding is in order.  My only wish for the brand is a grown up coffee flavoured variety.  Now that would be amazing!

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