Thursday, 27 November 2014

Ebody - Clean and Exfoliate the Natural Way

I am a big fan of the e-cloth brand, which uses the latest fibre technology to offer a great alternative to conventional, chemical based cleaning.  We already use e-cloth to deliver chemical free cleaning in our home: polishing windows, cleaning our TV, wiping down surfaces and mopping our floor.  We even use the e-cloth oven cleaning cloth to help keep our oven clean.

Now, we can also deep cleanse and exfoliate ourselves without the need for harsh chemical scrubs using the brand's ebody Spa Collection. This is great news for people with sensitive skin, allergies or for those of us trying to minimise the use of harsh chemical products in the home. Using micro-fibre technology, the cleansing fibres work with just a little face wash and water to create a rich lather, while cleansing pores and exfoliating the skin.  ebody also utilises micro-dry technology on a range of towels, which absorb four times the moisture of cotton at twice the speed. The ebody towel range is a perfect time saving addition to a beauty regime and ideal for sports use or travel.

I was sent a Face Cleansing Mitt and a Hair Turban to try out.

The ebody Face Cleansing Mitt has fine weave fibres that gently but effectively clean your face.  It can remove make-up, even mascara, without the need for harsh creams or lotions. Just add a little lather from a mild cleanser to create lots of fine bubbles that lift dirt and grime from the skin leaving it smooth and feeling clean without the need for specialist wipes, lotions or exfoliators.

The mitts cost £6.99 and are guaranteed for 300 washes meaning they will last for ages. They make your cleanser last for ages too, generating lots of lather from a small amount, making them cost effective in the long run.  

beauty, ecloth

The hair turban is a must have product as far as I'm concerned.  I swear by them as I have long, unruly hair that needs to be restrained after a shower!  The ebody Hair Turban is a really good size and is made from soft waffle-like material.  It fits securely on the head with a button up fastening.  It really does work fast, absorbing the dampness from the hair.  

It costs £12.99 but with the 300 wash guarantee it will last for years.  I think it is a great product that is comfy and secure to wear, and which dries the hair fast.

ecloth, beauty

All e-cloth products including the ebody range can be bought directly through the e-cloth website where delivery is free on orders over £10.

I think the ebody range would make brilliant stocking fillers for older kids and teens or could be used in a pamper hamper for a loved one.


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