Tuesday, 25 November 2014

The Kurio Tab XL

When I was a child we had a 20" black and white TV that my parents rented.  Our phone, which was right in the middle of our living room, had a handset that was attached to the base with a curly wire which meant every phone call had to be made in front of the whole family who would be sitting down to watch Crossroads.  I had a portable record player for playing my Disney LPs and a battery powered radio cassette player to listen to the chart rundown on a Sunday evening.

Life was so very different back then.  We never even dreamt that within forty years technology would change so much.  We all wrongly thought there would be flying cars by the 21st century, but none of us anticipated the invention of the silicon chip and the birth of the internet.

Nowadays, our homes are filled with high tech gadgets and gizmos, designed to entertain us, educate us, connect us and make our lives easier.  Even pre-schoolers have their own smart watches!

Here 'Inside the Wendy House', we love our technology but if there is one bit of technology that has completely eluded us, it's a family friendly tablet.  We've just never all agreed on which one to buy, and no sooner do we think we've come to a decision, along comes a newer model, throwing our plans out of the window.  

When it comes to using a tablet, we all want different things. We'd want a kid-friendly, family tablet that is predominantly for educating and entertaining the kids, but would also satisfy all of our needs.

  • 5 year old Freddy loves playing games and watching his favourite cartoons. 
  • 12 year old Kizzy is a fan of YouTube watching make-up tutorials and the latest Zoella vlogs.  
  • I'm an avid blogger, photo taker and fan of social media (with a minor addiction to Plants vs Zombies!) 
  • Dad, Ian, is a technophile who loves all the highest spec gadgets and latest features - Quad Core Processors definitely grab his attention!  

A family friendly tablet would most definitely be fantastic for when we are out and about, on holiday, visiting grandparents or simply spending time at home.  It'd have to be perfect for both work and play!

Kurio is looking for families to try out their new lines and after taking a look at the products, I think I have discovered our perfect tablet the Kurio Tab XL! With ten inches of full colour screen, it's big and beautiful, packed with features that make it totally family friendly, including a camera, pre-loaded apps and e-reader.  You can surf the web, listen to music, read, draw, play games, watch films, record videos, take photos and more with its multimedia capabilities.  It appears to have everything covered, and it looks smart, user friendly and robust with its rubber bumper (in case it gets dropped!)


I love that you can set up different profiles for each family member making one gadget suitable for every individuals' needs.  You can ensure that the kids' experience is age appropriate and safe - and they can't accidentally delete all your apps or inadvertently spend your money online - while adults get full access to the unrestricted Android tablet.

There is built in Motion Technology for motion controlled gaming, which would definitely get Freddy up and moving. That is something I'd love to see in action, it sounds like a lot of fun and so innovative.  I've never seen anything like this in a tablet before, it really adds an extra dimension to its fun factor and playablity.

You can take a look at the kid friendly range of tablets and gadgets at


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